21 things you can do to eliminate excess body fat!

Well, people have so many things going when they decide to opt for diet food. In a few cases, they are actually not sure as to what to eat and what not to. Then the only thing that creates a mess in their mind is ‘weight’. High calories and weight have today become a topic of concern in every home. So, not to worry, here we are giving you the best diet tips that will help you in planning not only the right weight but will also give your body the right shape along with the right balance. So, take a look at the 21 things you can do:

21 diet food, no overheads here!


Indeed one of the best diet food you should consume always. This will not only help you in maintaining the right weight but when consumed regularly helps women to prevent from breast cancer.


Pudina /Mentha(Mint)

A naturally “go-green” element adding life to your healthy routine. It is aromatic and is known as the best herb to eradicate kidney stone. Pudina can be consumed with a variety of dishes. But Pudina, juice when consumed regularly can be called as the best diet of all the times.



Well, it is said that an apple a day helps in cutting the calories down. It is a secret to dieting and that helps in losing weight. Consume it continuously for 3 days and see the difference.

Apple-diet tip


So, the high fiber foods actually add a lot in reducing your weight. These are like the antidote to burn your calories. Regular consumption of different “Daals/Pulses” not only will help you in eliminating excess body fat but will also give you the subtle measures to stay fit and healthy.



Be it with the yummy parathas or simply a chaach/buttermilk, the curd is a diet food that helps to regulate and provide you with the right shape and the right figure too. Consume it daily twice.



They are the best solutions for all bodily dilemmas. Rich in Omega 3, walnuts helps in giving you a correct immunity. It also has the ability to lower the bad cholesterol level and also reduces the chances of cancer.

walnuts diet tips


It is both lights in weight and the good diet snack, that is low in calories. Don’t smother it with butter or high-calorie toppings.

popcon- diet tips

Green tea

It helps in flattening of your body and helps in boosting the metabolism. It helps in eliminating unwanted problems and it has been one of the scientifically proven methods in weight-loss.



It helps in burning fat and inhibiting your body ‘s ability in the creation of the new cells. This also helps in keeping the diseases at bay.


Haldi/ turmeric

This is one of the healthiest foods we have till date. The mild and warm flavor of this medicinal herb helps in eliminating excess fatigue from your body and making you active.

Haldi - Diet tip


This is the fruit which has got so many herbal properties. This is one of the best fruits till date and people cannot simply deny having this in various food sources. That’s the greatest health advantage of this fruit.


Amla juice

An amla juice a day will not only help you in achieving more healthy routine but will also help you in having a good body immunity in all the cases.

amla juice

Visit a dietician

So, when there is a need to maintain health, there is also a need to visit your best health specialist. And you have your dietician, who will give you the best advice.

Single leg stretch

Regularly exercise is the best ever option you can do for the removal of excess body fat. This will not only help you to stay away from the diseases but will also help you in doing your best every time and stay fit.


Double leg stretch

This exercise is very good for you and your health. It radiates from the core powerhouse and demands the stretching and also the endurance from the abdominal.

The leg drop exercises

This actually helps in providing the stability balls to move in accordance with your abs and crunches. Helps in burning of access calories.

Side crunches

They help in shedding excess body fat and helps in providing a roper workout. Here, you are supposed to lift your leg right up when you are tilting your shoulder towards the left shoulder.

Rolling plank exercise

This works great on your lower back and you simply need to take your position on the floor in such a way that your knees and elbows are resting on the ground. Then you need to look forward in such a way that your neck is aligned with your spine. Now, there is a need to lift the knees up so that you can support your legs now on your toes.

Lunge twist

In this exercise, you simply need to move your left foot forward and bend your left knee. Then, you can feel the hamstring stretch on your right leg. Then lift your hands parallel to the ground in order to make sure that they are in front of you. Then take a big step forward with your left leg and just sit down to your toes.

Stomach vacuum

This exercise helps in reducing the belly flat. You can start this with low impact exercises like stomach vacuum. It mainly focuses on breathing.

Captain’s chair

It’s a very simple exercise, you need to do it when you sit on the chair. Simply, sit on the chair with an upright spine and straight shoulders. Then place both your hands on either side with the palms of the hands facing downwards. Just take a deep breath. Then you exhale and bring all the legs upward so that knees are close to the chest. Continue doing this exercise. It works well!

These are the best 21 things that will help you in reducing fat from your body and at the same time give you a healthy lifestyle and well-toned body.

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