16 Ayurvedic Tips to Avoid Pregnancy

“Pregnancy is the most powerful creation to have life growing inside you, there is no bigger gift.”

Certainly the happiest feeling is when a woman comes to hear that she is pregnant. But at the same time it becomes awful when she isn’t ready for the baby to come. Many measures and precautions are taken care of during intercourse but that may fail leading to depression and stress on the way.

The legendary word “Ayurveda” which means life science acts as a saviour for all kinds of health issues. It is not only discovered to cure ailing symptoms but also works wonders as safe contraceptive measures. Below mentioned are certain natural herbs to be consumed, to avoid unexpected pregnancy which involves minimal risk.


#1 Spearmint:

This is a species of mint which has been used and followed since ages to avoid pregnancies. This herb can be used best at times having tea. Add dried pieces of spearmint in your tea for best risk reduction.

#2 Anzeer/Fig:

Known very well for blood circulation is also one of the best birth control methods. Consumption of 3-4 anzeer/fig a day after intercourse can actually lessen down the probability of being pregnant.

#3 Papaya:

When comes to taking revenge with pregnancy papaya cannot be forgotten. Best known to rejuvenate skin is also magical for unwanted pregnancy when taken soon after the intercourse.

#4 Parsley:

The most mild and effective home remedy to prevent pregnancy is Parsley. It can be consumed with lukewarm water/milk or in the form of tea.

#5 Mugwort:

It is the subsidy of Parsley. Mugwort can also be consumed with lukewarm water or milk but when more consumed may lead to kidney problems.

#6 Cotton Root Bark:

Pieces of dried root of cotton plant can be taken around 2 times a day with a cup of tea or water acting as an effective measure.

#7 Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is not only known for improving skin or hair but also acts as an emergency contraceptive. Sperms cannot survive in the acidic environment which helps in the avoidance of pregnancy.

#8 Cinnamon:

Cinnamon can only work when taken for a long period of time. It is not so effective in terms of birth control but when taken without failure, may help in the prevention.

#9 Wild Yam:

Everyday two doses of Wild Yam without any skipping for at least one to two months can help in avoiding pregnancy.

#10 Neem:

A basic home remedy which one can do for avoiding birth control is consumption of neem. It can be used in any form like leaves, juice or oil as it kills sperms in seconds when injected in uterus. Vaginal diseases and STD’s are also cured through the consumption of neem.

#11 Wild carrot seeds:

Soaked grinded seeds with one teaspoon of water can be taken or can be directly chewed once a day for birth control.

#12 Stoneseed Root:

Used since ancient times it is the most powerful herb to avoid unexpected pregnancy. A cup of soaked stoneseed root in water consumed for 6 months has been proved as an effective measure.

#13 Weed leaves:

The most common herb found everywhere contains three components namely Quercetin, Rutin and Gallic acid. Boil weed leaves in water, strain and consume until the menstrual cycle occurs.

#14 Asafoetida:

It is strong smelling herb from Iran. Taking Asafoetida juice with water helps in the prevention of pregnancy.

#15 Ginger root:

An ingredient found in everyone’s kitchen is the most common herb to prevent pregnancy and also leads to stimulating menstrual cycle. Consumption of 2 cups of boiled ginger root everyday can help with the problem.

#16 Buckwheat:

500 grams of buckwheat taken every day in meals may act as a perfect alternative of contraceptive.

These were some natural home remedies which would act as a saviour for birth control. Though these measures involved minimal risk still caution should be maintained while using the above remedies. Less or excessive use of such may lead to further health problems. Lastly, continuing with the famous saying “Prevention is better than cure.” One must adhere to preventive measures rather than on remedies.

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