15 foods every man should include in his diet

When it comes to the diet of men there’s always a thinking that diet planning is an expensive thing to maintain. But what if I say, your everyday food can give you essential supplements of vitamins and proteins to withstand your daily physique.

food every man should diet tip

1) Bananas

• Bananas are the commonly available fruit to include in diet. They are rich source of the potassium which can reduce the high blood pressure and the risk of stroke.
• Potassium in your 30’s can save your 50’s

2) Tomato Sauce

• Reddish tomatoes are the great source of vitamins, especially vitamin A, and provide you energy of 74 KJ (18 kcal).
• Study says that two to three times a week tomato sauce can lower 35% risk of protest cancer in your 50’s.

3) High Fiber Cereal

• Fiber is essential for maintaining healthy body as well to maintain body weight.
• It helps as a lubricator as it makes your digestive system run smoothly. It sustains blood sugar levels for sustained energy.

4) Almonds

• Everyone had almond in the morning in their childhood while going to school.
• They are whole bunch of fats, protein, fiber and vitamin E. It works for heart, digestive system and skin.
• Two almonds a day can give you healthy sack of proteins.

5) Pistachios

• Pistachios is the family member of nuts same from where almonds belong, and when it comes to nuts it always keep your body and mind healthy.
• Pistachios gives caloric stock, as it contains high caloric count

6) Olive Oil

• Daily routine of men can led to eat lots of junk food as well oily food which can cause heart diseases.
• Olive oil is highly rich in good mono-unsaturated fat, making it an ideal food for health.

7) Green Tea

• From cancer prevention to weight loss to potentially slowing the development of illness in one’s body, green tea works superior in all.
• It can be served hot or cold but nothing is better than to drink it.
• Instant mixes of the various companies are easily available in market and are affordable over a good health.

8) Milk

• From our childhood milk remains an essential part of our food. Milk makes body rinsing and skipping it is not a healthier option.
• Milk is rich in components that help to turn ON your body’s fat burning system and slow down the storage of fats.
• You should rather not skip it or drink a glass rather than the gallon.

9) Yogurt

• Yogurt is family person of milk and carries all the essential benefits of the milk, plus active cultures that boosts the number of germ fighting bacteria along intestinal walls.
• Yogurt contains calcium that not only boosts fat burning but also helps to feel satisfied, making it an ideal food for weight loss.

10) Spinach

• If you know popular cartoon character Popeye the sailor man then you defiantly knows what strength spinach carries?
• Serving of spinach is green leafy loaded with fiber, calcium and essential dosage of carotene- a nutrient vital for immune system, health and good vision.

11) Black Beans

• Black beans are small but mighty food, it can help you feel energized and fuller longer than almost any other food source.
• They are stuffed with high fiber, carbohydrates and proteins.
• It helps your stomach to feel fullness and complex carbohydrate allows long time to convert into energy.

12) Loads of Water

• If you’re not drinking water on a consistent basis throughout the day, start it right now.
• Water flushes toxins from your system, regulates body temperature, acts as an insulator for joints, prevents kidney stones and supplies essential minerals to the body.

13) Broccoli

• It may be the hated vegetable in your childhood but should be most essential in your diet as an adult.
• It has a healthy supply of iron, fiber and vitamin C which is good for circulatory system, bones and immunity.

14) Sweet Potatoes

• Sweet potatoes hold more than 100% of our daily supplements of beta carotene, a hefty dose of iron, and a plentiful shot of vitamins C and E.
• It is one of the best foods for the muscle recovery and all the nutrients work together to protect our body against cellular damage of all types.

15) Eggs

• Eggs are the thing for the eggetarian, it contains a heavy hitting of 4 gm of pure muscle building amino acids inside every shell.
• In addition to that to boost some of the highest naturally available doses around of a vitamin called choline, which is thought to help enhance memory.

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