15 Healthy Diet tips for Healthy Pregnancy The best tips to ensure a healthy pregnancy include educating yourself, staying.

Pregnancy is the most important phase of the women’s life and it is also a phase where women have to take care of herself as well as her baby in her womb and in this most important role is played by the food you intake. Wrong eating habits can not only complicate the pregnancy but can also lead to some disorders in the baby

Healthy pregnancy

Healthy Eating Tips for Pregnancy

1) Eat food which contains lots of fiber

• Numerous vegetables and the fruits like carrots, cooked greens, bananas and melons are rich source of fiber.
• Consuming pleanty of beans and whole grains.

2) Choose snacks wisely

• Snacks are taken which may have low-fat or fat free that is yogurt with fruit.
• It may also include fat free cheese and whole grain crackers.

3) Never skip breakfast

• Cooked breakfast cereals with fruit are the best thing you can have in morning.
• If you are feeling cold and sick start with whole wheat toast.

4) Consuming Prenatal vitamins

• Prenatal vitamins like iron and folic acid is must during pregnancy.
• Iron keeps your blood healthy and folic acid helps prevent birth defects.

5) Stay away from heavy fat foods

• Some foods may have bacteria and fungus that can hurt baby as well your immune system.
• Some uncooked foods and the processed cheese and butter should be totally avoided.

6) Limit Caffeine Drinks

• If you are addicted to the caffeinated drink then you must avoid it somehow during pregnancy.
• Try hands on decaffeinated coffee or tea.
• Consume water or seltzer instead of soda

7) Avoid Alcohol

• Alcohol must be in your top priority list to avoid.
• It creates very harmful effect on baby during the pregnancy and even can stop or interfere the growth of the baby in the womb.

8) Consume calcium rich foods

• As calcium helps build bones in the baby and prevent bone loss in the mom.
• It also prevents pregnancy-induced high blood pressure.

9) Drink enough fluid

• Getting enough nourishing fluids like water, is important during pregnancy to prevent constipation and providing expanding blood volume.
• Various nutritious beverages, such as reduced-sodinm, orange juice, or non fat milk to get your fluids.

10) Watch your weight

• Excess body weight during pregnancy or accumulated can affect women and can also increase the risks for pregnancy complications.
• Sudden change in weight during the pregnancy and not losing the weight after the pregnancy must discuss with doctor.

11) Exercise

• Staying active is a must for moms to be. Regular exercise will help to control weight, improve circulation, boost your mood and helps you to sleep better.
• Pilates, yoga, swimming and walking are all great activities for most pregnant women.

12) Eat folate rich foods

• Folic acid is crucial for the proper development of the baby’s neural tube and it’s vitals.
• Fortified cereals, asparagus, lentils, wheat germ, oranges are rich source of folic acid.

13) Recharge with fruit

• During pregnancy you must try some hands on the fruits for its rich source of vitamins.
• The natural sugar in fruit like bananas and apple can lift up the energy levels

14) Must have dairy products

• Dairy products like milk, cheese, formage frais and yogurt are important in pregnancy because of their high content of calcium and other nutrients.
• Choose low fat varieties dairy products whenever it is possible.

15) Sweet and small dosage of food

• Pregnant women should eat small amounts of food often and avoid long periods without eating.
• Ideally, three meals and three snacks spread throughout the day would be the best routine.

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