11 Natural Methods for Detoxing

A pollution-filled environment, fast food taking over our lifestyles and a stress-filled mind has a great toll on our health. Dependence on antibiotics and artificial vitamins for an increase in efficiency actually destruct the whole well-being of ourselves. Thus we should follow a program inspired by naturally detoxifying ingredients and methods that will detoxify our body naturally.

The few easiest and most effective natural detoxifiers are:

#1) Increase in Water Intake

Eight glasses of water are the minimum recommended water intake for a healthy metabolism. Water flushes our system naturally by removing toxins from our blood and aids in metabolism as well. Regular water intake maintains the perfect body temperature and keeps the mind and body hydrated.
increase in water intake

#2) Replace morning coffee with Green Tea

Green Tea is high in antioxidants which fight various diseases and keeps the liver healthy. It purifies blood as it is rich in Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which removes free radicals from the body. It also gives that caffeine boost just like coffee without any bad impact on our health. It also increases the capacity of the body to resist diseases and calms the mind leading to a positive feel throughout the day.

Replace morning coffee with Green Tea

#3) Garlic and Ginger

Both are used as ingredients in ayurvedic medicines and homemade medicines for common health issues. This is because of astringent properties that heal the body from within. It helps liver function and helps in relief from cold and other diseases. It has many antioxidants that help in removing the harmful toxins from the stomach.

Garlic and Ginger

#4) Replace sunflower oil with Olive Oil

Olive oil has monounsaturated fats, which reduce the fats from the body and have anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps in preventing cancer and keeps the food light and healthy. It is the best substitute for people trying to shed a few kilos from their weights.

Replace sunflower oil with Olive Oil

#5)  More Exercise to Sweat it out

Exercise not only helps in reducing fat but also helps dramatically when it comes to detoxifying our body. As we sweat we remove toxins from our blood naturally thus cleaning our body naturally. It also helps in digestion, organ function, and circulation.

More Exercise to Sweat it out

#6) Acupuncture

It is a part of holistic medicine that helps in releasing blocked toxins and helps in healing many health problems. It works by helping to release zones in the body that may be blocked due to toxins and other harmful substances. It brings instant relief to the ailments that are a part of ancient medications.


#7) Eating Fibre Reach Foods

Not only is it part of a healthy diet, but it also helps cleanse our bodies naturally by supporting the digestive system. Our bodies, especially our digestive tract, tend to hold substances from what we eat. It can also keep toxins away from unhealthy foods that can make us feel bloated, heavy, extremely tired, and cause health problems. Fiber helps the digestive tract function properly, thereby flushing out these toxins from our bodies.

7. Eating Fibre Reach Foods

#8) Avoid tobacco and alcohol intake

Consuming these leads to the reduced ability of the body to cleanse itself. Tobacco brings nicotine into our body which is very harmful and reduces the heart’s effectiveness to cleanse the blood. Alcohol affects liver function and affects the balance of the stomach and kidneys. Thus these should be avoided for a healthy and toxin-free body.

Avoid tobacco and alcohol intake

9) Consuming Juices instead of Cold Drinks

Fruits contain loads of antioxidants that neutralize all the toxins of the body and keep the body in its best shape. Fruits release positive substances in the blood that increases their efficiency to fight diseases. Problems caused due to toxins like acne, constipation, tiredness, etc are removed very fast and tend to keep the body hydrated.

Consuming Juices instead of Cold Drinks

#10) Change to Organic

Organic food is vegetables and fruits which are grown without using chemical fertilizers and herbicides which are the main source of toxins in our body. By preventing toxins from entering, we can live a healthy life with a body without pain and a calm mind.

Change to Organic

#11) Yoga & Meditation

Yoga not only makes your body flexible but it has a deeper impact on our mental and emotional health. Cleansing of the body needs a calm and healthy stress-free mind for working efficiently. Each position of yoga effectively increases the rate of meditation and mental wellbeing. Yoga keeps the heart healthy and the body light.

Yoga & Meditation

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