10 Secret Ayurvedic Tips for Better Digestion

We all live in a fast-moving world where everyone is so busy with their work and lives and don’t even get time to have proper food. We cannot spare 30 minutes from our busy schedule to have a proper meal and then start working again. This as a result has caused many health problems for people.

Ayurvedic Tips for Better Digestion

Ayurvedic Tips To Improve Your Digestion

A large proportion of problems arising out of bad food habits are digestion problems. Indigestion happens when the acid present in the stomach starts irritating the lining of the stomach or it may reach our esophagus, one experiences a burning sensation in the chest and stomach. The most common symptoms to such problems include chest pain, congestion in the throat, stomach ache, and burps, etc. people do not prefer talking about their digestion problems but such problems are common. There are many Ayurvedic tips that can help a person suffering from such problems without having the need to consume strong antibiotics which may sometimes even have side effects.

Ayurvedic Tips Of home Remedies

To counter the very first symptoms of indigestion Ayurvedic tips include home remedies like fennel seeds, often given after meals in restaurants help indigestion. The oil present in these seeds reduces nausea and controls flatulence. Another home-made remedy for indigestion is cloves. Cloves can increase gastrointestinal secretions thus helping in curing gas and indigestion problems. Other Ayurvedic tips for improving digestion are consuming buttermilk, herbal tea, and warm water.

According to Ayurveda Agni i.e. digestive fire is a Sanskrit word that breaks down the food that we intake and other things from the environment, it eliminates the useless things and assimilates the useful things. There are many Ayurvedic tips that focus on strengthening the Agni part of our system. These tips include meditating on a regular basis as it helps to restore the body’s homeostasis which includes the process of digestion. Another Ayurvedic tip which almost all the doctors also suggest is that you should not eat heavy meals in breakfast and dinner, also you should eat small meals five to six times daily with dinner being the least heavy. This increases metabolism and as a result, helps in better digestion.

Ayurveda has been the oldest form of medical practice in the world so it has remedies to all the problems. Ayurvedic medicines take their time to cure but never cause any side effects. We have talked about the measure to avoid indigestion, there are many Ayurvedic tips that cure indigestion. Such Ayurvedic medicines are Lavan Bhaskar churna, gaisantak bati, karpur rus.

These medicines when taken after meals during indigestion can cure it and provide relief in less than three hours and do not cause any side effects. Although medicines like this are available but Ayurveda still stresses on improving the lifestyle and food habits in order to avoid having digestion problems. Yoga is also considered to be useful in improving the digestive system. Vajrasana and Padma asana are the two most widely suggested yoga asana that helps in improving the digestive abilities.

Indigestion if handled in the initial stage is not at all harmful. The measures stated above can easily provide relief from indigestion. But if this isn’t taken care of even indigestion can cause diseases like chest pain: Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), Haemorrhoids, Gallstones, celiac disease, etc. these diseases are extremely harmful and must be taken care of as early as possible. Ayurvedic tips to cure such diseases include consuming Amla in case of a gallstone as vitamin C is needed to convert cholesterol to bile acids. Other useful herbs are cholagogues and choleretics.

In case a person is suffering from hemorrhoids, Ayurveda suggests avoiding a sedentary position, doing regular exercise, consuming a lot of water, and consuming fruits like papaya, mango seeds, and other fiber-rich fruits. As Ayurveda is all about lifestyle, Ayurvedic tips to avoid indigestion or curing digestive disorders always relate to changing lifestyles, food habits more exercise, and other simple things like drinking as much water as you can. Hence you can easily avoid taking any medicine or antibiotic pill to cure your problems by simply adopting a healthy lifestyle.

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